Celebrity stylist shops for bags and shoes Hoi An

After learning how to match different colours and prints, its now time to start making that special outfit! Continue on the fashion rainway with our host, Rain as he helps Eunice to custom make not only a bag, but a pair of shoes right in the heart of Hoi An. Stay tuned as the full outfit will be revealed next!


Hoi An, Vietnam


Roni Shoes and Bags Shop

78A Phan Chau Trinh Street

Friendly Bag Shop

44 Phan Boi Chau Street

Contact Details

Roni Shoes and Bags Shop

Tel: +84 510 3917 525
Email: ronishop.ha@gmail.com

Friendly Bag Shop

Tel: +84 935 211 382
Email: friendlybaghoian@gmail.com

Website: www.friendlybaghoian.com


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